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Voted Best Dentistry 2011-2017 by Pasadena Weekly Voted Best Dentistry by Pasadena Weekly 2007-2017

"A neighborhood dentist with a relaxed style in both manner and office, Dr. Yung has become a favorite of patients, who get comfortable in his chairs as early as age 1."

Voted Best Dentistry 2010 by Pasadena Weekly 

"Lauded by patients for his enthusiasm and great "chairside manner," Michael Yung aims to be known as a friendly neighborhood dentist who employs a proactive approach to dental health."

Voted Best Dentistry 2009 by Pasadena Weekly

“Though he's certified as both a general and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Yung's vision is to offer caring, comfortable, and comprehensive dental care - even his office features soft, leather-upholstered dental chairs. Who ever thought a visit to the dentist could be like a day at the spa?”

Voted Best Dentistry 2008 by Pasadena Weekly

“A small practice and high-tech equipment allow Dr. Michael Yung to offer his patients personal yet comprehensive dental care. Dr. Yung has patients of all ages, and is committed to providing comfort and safety, including digital x-rays to minimize radiation. Now that’s something to smile about!”

Voted Best Dentistry 2007 by Pasadena Weekly


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Read what patients are saying about Dr. Yung:

“Dr. Yung provided the most positive dental visit I have ever had. I was having severe pain and my general dentist was out of town, but he left Dr. Yung's phone number in the event of a dental emergency. I was nervous about calling and trusting someone who I had never met, …but Dr. Yung made it easy. He picked up my call on a Saturday evening and called in a prescription for me as he was on his way to a wedding reception. Shortly thereafter, his wife called me back to let me know that the prescription had been called in and told me that they would call me later in the evening to see how I was feeling. …The pain got worse, and he opened his office just for me on Sunday. He filled cavities, cleaned my teeth, did x rays, and most importantly numbed the pain so I could get through the day and actually eat. …Never in my life have I encountered anyone in the medical community that made me feel as if they actually cared about my well-being and not my wallet, I was literally astounded by the amount of time, effort, and kindness that Dr. Yung put in to treating me, especially taking the time out of his weekend with his family. This was even more extraordinary because we had never met before...he was doing all of this for somebody else's patient, because he truly cares. Dr. Yung is a wonderful dentist and a great person, I will definitely see him again and tell everyone I know what a pleasant experience I had. Thank you so much, Doc!”

“It had been a while since I'd been to the dentist but this crew took care of me. Dr. Yung had the bedside manner that welcomed questions and checked for understanding after the exam. One of the hygienists, Mary, has been excellent! I'm such a fan when people smile and laugh throughout their jobs - it 's a great signal to me they enjoy what they're doing and the environment is welcoming. After several visits to see Mary, I'd highly recommend you see her – she's great!”
—A review from Yelp.com

“Ok, I want to first say that I normally only write reviews for food. I am a huge foodie. But I recently had a great experience here I had to share. … After filling everything out I am greeted by Dr. Foon one of the friendliest dentists I've ever met! She is sweet and talkative which is comforting. Especially since I don't really like going to the dentist to begin with haha. … Mary the hygienist was the one that did my cleaning. She was great!... I definitely built a relationship with these people. … Dr. Yung's office is different the people and service are great!”
—A review from Yelp.com

“Been going to this guy for the past 3 years or so.. It took me a while to pick out a dentist because I was picky about who would be diggin' in my teeth. He is an EXCELLENT dentist – very personable, offers good advice, and has a super friendly staff. He's young, professional, and came from one of the top dental schools here in the US.”
—A review from Yelp.com

I got a nice little surprise in the mail a couple of days ago. It was a check for $28.80. It was for overpayment of services. Integrity, ethics, HONESTY, etc… Dr. Yung is on his way to being voted the best dentist in Pasadena for like the bajillionth year in a row. Thank you, Dr. Yung!”
—A review from Yelp.com

"Dr. Yung stands out amongst other dentists with his caring, personable approach. He and his staff really get to know you with a family-style philosophy.

I had to page him on a Sunday morning for a tooth emergency before I left town - he was having brunch with his family but left before he even started eating to see me in the office so I could catch my flight! And he always calls me after procedures to make sure I'm doing OK. That is the kind of dentist he is.

And his hygienists are all so awesome! I love getting my teeth cleaned every 4 months, it feels like a spa experience!

It's no wonder he has been voted #1 dentist in Pasadena twice already!"

—A review from Yelp.com

“I must tell you how wonderful it feels to wake up with a clean mouth. Despite a cleaning six months ago (from another dentist), I would wake up with a ‘slimy’ mouth. But now after Dr. Yung, it feels like I have new teeth.”

“Dr. Yung is true to his word. He also takes care to explain your treatment plan in detail and is patient with questions.”
—Teresa P.

“Dr. Yung is an enthusiastic young dentist who seems to be up on modern techniques and is concerned about his patients’ appearances. Although I saw my previous dentist regularly, when he retired and Dr. Yung took over his practice my teeth needed quite a bit of work. I can honestly say that my teeth feel better now, after he finished bringing them up-to-date, than they have in years.”
—Jocelyn K.

“I hadn’t been to a dentist in over 10 years, partly out of laziness and partly out of fear, since my previous dentist retired. I came across Dr. Yung via my dental insurance. I was happy with the thorough cleaning and inspection he gave me and with the skilled application of fillings he gave me later. He answers all questions clearly, being reassuring without condescending to his patients. I find him friendly and approachable, and I’d strongly recommend him to my friends and family. His staff is friendly, and his office is well-appointed and comfortable.”
—Allan L.

“After five years of a lousy dentist, I finally took charge and selected Dr. Michael Yung as my dentist, and I have to say that he is GREAT. I have a very challenging set of teeth, and he is very thorough and gentle with me, both cleanings and repair work. His staff is really nice and efficient…I never wait long to get an appointment or in the waiting room. I am very pleased with Dr. Yung. I also plan on bringing my young son there when the time comes, as he also sees children.”
—Laurie W.

“So growing up with braces, I loathed the dentist’s office. I'd been to about 4-5 dentists growing up and never found one that I liked.  After hearing about Dr. Yung from an assistant at another dental office, I booked an apt to see him. The staff was welcoming. The office has a variety of magazines to read to comfort those pre-dental visit nerves. Dr. Yung is very knowledgeable & friendly. His support team is wonderfully pleasant as well. They keep you well informed about everything that's going on with those pearly whites. This is the one dentist that I don't mind sharing with others because he is just that good.”
—Diana J.