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Dr. Yung and his associates offer the full range of general dental services for you and your family. Our commitment to your health and well-being is the core of who we are both as professionals and as individuals.

In order to ensure you receive the finest dental and medical care possible, we use only the latest state-of-the art technology and most advanced techniques to ensure your comfort and care is exceeded by none. Some examples include:

  • Intra-oral cameras and viewing monitors
  • Digital radiography (uses 50% less radiation than regular x-rays)
  • Secured Digital Records
  • E4D machine (for in-house crowns while you wait and improved accuracy)
  • Light-activated teeth whitening
  • Comfortable leather dental chairs (with massage feature)
  • Latex-free Gloves

Our state-of-the-art sterilization system ensures your safety as does ours strict compliance with comprehensive infection control as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as the American Dental Association.

Caring for you and your family, from children to grandparents — that’s what we, as a team, are all about.

Prevention & Gum Care

As the old saying goes, “prevention is always better than the cure.” And, while our range of services is designed to provide those “cures,” we would much rather focus on education and prevention that can help you avoid those “cures” down the road. The key is starting as early as possible through routine check-ups, catching minor problems before they become bigger ones. Teaching you proper brushing, flossing and best daily oral hygiene techniques is important to ensuring your teeth and gums stay as healthy as possible — for the long run.

Dental Cleanings

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Having your teeth professionally cleaned at least every six months is important to remove any excess plaque and tartar that provide a sticky home for bacteria which causes gum disease. Some individuals may need cleanings every three to four months, depending on their level of plaque and tartar build-up. Left untreated, the accumulation of bacteria in plaque and tartar can lead to unhealthy gums and tooth decay. We perform thorough teeth cleanings that include scaling, root planning and polishing.  Routine professional teeth cleaning is a key component in preventing premature loss of teeth and the bone that supports it. (Dental cleaning should not be confused with teeth whitening. For information about our teeth whitening services, please see our teeth whitening Q & A page)

Pediatric Dentistry

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We love kids! From their first exciting tooth, the journey to adulthood begins and good oral health begins then too. The primary, or “baby” teeth play a critical role is the proper development of the jaw which affects proper speech and digestion. They also lay the groundwork for guiding the permanent (secondary) teeth into place. Therefore, we strongly encourage parents and guardians to bring your child for their first visit shortly after their first birthday.

We make it fun, safe and gentle and, as we all know, first impressions are everything at that age. They will develop a comfort level with “going to the dentist.” Equally important, we can get a peek at early health issues, both positive and negative, that we can address as necessary. Again, prevention is better than the cure. We will teach you how to teach them to brush, floss and continue to practice good oral hygiene at home. We will also provide you with tips and techniques to help get your child through those difficult teething months.

Make it a family day — Mom, Dad, kids — everyone comes together to get their check-ups — it’s perfect for the kids and it’s a great healthy practice for the family.

Oral Cancer Screening

Early detection of oral cancer is so important. That’s why as the front line for this disease, we believe in the importance of having the best tools for screening.  We use a special state-of-the-art light scope, called the Sapphire Plus Lesion Detection, which can be highly effective in identifying early lesions. It provides enhanced visual information so we can better detect and diagnose the presence of cancer or pre-cancer. It can find lesions that are not visible under white light. This is a routine part of the complete visual and physical exams we perform in our practice. When suspicious lesions are noticed during a routine exam we will do a preliminary biopsy, called a brush biopsy, to sample the suspicious tissue.

Based on the results, Dr. Yung will prescribe the best treatment which may include referral to a specialist he works closely with.

Cavities and Fillings

comparison photos of White Fillings vs. Gold Fillings

White fillings vs. Gold Fillings

Tooth decay, commonly referred to as a cavity, is easily repaired using fillings that will restore the tooth to its normal function and shape. The first step is to remove the decayed material and clean the affected area. Then, Dr. Yung will choose the best filling material to be used, either composite or “white” fillings, porcelain or gold fillings.

Composite or “White” Fillings

Composite or “white” fillings have long since played a more esthetic option to silver fillings. Composite fillings are simply a plastic that requires light activation to allow the material to harden in place. The most modern of materials today for composites compares to silver fillings with similar longevity while reducing temperature sensitivity and saving more of your natural tooth. Plainly, we don’t have to drill off as much of your tooth.

Porcelain and Gold Fillings

Like composite described above, porcelain can be used as an esthetic alternative to providing fillings in teeth.  Choosing to use porcelain may be due to the larger size of the filling necessary for the tooth or for longer durability. This process is similar to preparing a crown on your tooth in that it requires an impression which is sent to the laboratory for fabrication, but is also a conservative alternative when compared to crowns (which cover the whole tooth). Gold can be used in the same way and is the most durable but obviously less esthetic.


Sometimes the best “cure” for the problem may be to remove or extract the problem tooth. This is usually done when the tooth is so far decayed that it cannot be saved or that it is growing at an angle that will adversely affect your entire mouth. Extractions are done only when other restorative procedures will solve the problem.

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