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Lisa Lien, DDS

About Dr. Lisa Lien

My name is Dr. Lisa Lien and I am a general dentist. I have the utmost respect for my patients and find it a privilege to get to know them on a personal level as I treat them. My aim is to create the best care without wavering compromise or integrity by staying up-to-date on dental materials and continuing education. I like to give my patients autonomy in choosing the best treatments by providing good explanations and options. I hope to provide a safe, open, and compassionate environment where my patients feel comfortable to confide in me.

You may have recognized me, because I previously worked as a front desk staff and back-office assistant at this office. Working with Dr. Yung and this team motivated me to pursue a career in dentistry, and I feel that my experiences have shaped me profoundly in the way I treat and care for patients. My hope is that you feel like this transition in getting treated by me will be seamless. I am excited to be a part of this team again and hope that you enjoy our office as much as I do!

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