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What you will find at Michael S. Yung DDS is a team of dedicated and highly trained professionals whose primary goal is to provide you superior dental care using the latest state-of-the-art technology combined with years of experience.

We are a general dental practice and perform limited specialty procedures. If you require more specialized treatment, we prefer to work with local doctors who are specialists in that area. While this may seem a bit inconvenient, we believe superior service and skills are utilized by those we know to be the best at what they do.

Starting with your first visit, you will be immediately welcomed by our team of high-energy and friendly staff professionals who will ensure that you are comfortable and confident with the care you will receive.

Our offices are warm and inviting, designed to create an environment you will look forward to coming to.

At Michael S. Yung DDS and associates, we are committed to helping you achieve the perfect smile that will change the face of your life forever.

Initial Consultation

On your very first visit, you will be given a Comprehensive Exam, by either Dr. Yung or one of his associates, which will include a full set of x-rays. The primary focus of this visit is data collection and an opportunity to establish rapport so that we can better understand your dental needs and expectations. We may not do a cleaning on your first visit due to either time or scheduling restrictions and hygienist availability. If you would like to have a cleaning on your first visit, please make the scheduler aware of your expectations so that we can better serve your needs. X-rays play a critical role in our ability to diagnose disease in your mouth. It is not sufficient to find and diagnose disease based only on a visual exam and this is considered the standard of care for the ADA as well as Dr. Yung’s office. Under certain circumstances, x-rays can be delayed, especially if there is a medical reason involved that is supported by your physician. Please download, complete and return our New Patient Forms prior to your first visit.

Never Hesitate to Ask Questions!

Dr. Yung and his team are committed to educating you about your oral health care and the treatment available. No question is too insignificant for us since we believe every person’s concerns are unique and genuine and voicing your concerns is our way of learning about you. Our interest in you extends to also teaching you about what is going on in your mouth. Whether your questions deal with financing or insurance or your teeth, we have the right person to answer your questions. (Please see our FAQ page for more information on the insurance plans we accept)

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Crowns & Bridges

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Dental Implant Restoration

Teeth Whitening

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